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Australia is one of the biggest markets for brand retention and growth. Digital marketing is still in its infancy, but due to its higher demand and lower supply, more foreign companies are now offering their services in the country. However, there are a few Melbourne digital marketing agencies that are making it BIG. Here, we aim to highlight those particular agencies as to how they are offering a full spectrum of services to cater to Australian clients.


Over The Top SEO

(OTT) focuses on multinational digital marketing companies that specialize in creating top-notch brand partnerships. OTT’s core values are to find investment opportunities for its investors in the digital domain and to promote omnichannel marketing campaigns for its clients. It serves as both a marketing consultancy firm, and a closed-door business company with a major stake in digital entities.




tackles growth challenges for companies that are unsure about how to tackle these challenges themselves. For the company, growth is a challenge that it can tackle with careful expertise and a dedicated data-driven approach. It focuses on organic, search, social, and referral marketing campaigns to bring results for its partners. Farsiight works on acquisition strategy, customer experience, sales funnel, and high-growth SaaS, ecommerce and online marketplaces, etc.


One Egg Digital 

is not your average digital marketing agency. It has a team of vibrant, young, and creative-minded geniuses who are always trying to come up with innovative ways to win the SERPs. The company has been providing prolific service to its customers by solving their pain problems. The young minds in the company are always coming up with fresh ideas and innovative approaches that can help the company grow and scale like never before. One Egg founders are always involved in every campaign they create for their business and provide the highest quality of product at an effective price.


SEO Brands 

is a global data-driven growth agency that aims to bring 10x return on investment (RoI) for its clients. The company’s motto: no brand is either too big or too small fittingly defines the working philosophy that governs the agency’s operations.

To get to the top, SEO Brand focuses on small and medium brands that are looking for a long-term contract. The company knows how to play with numbers and turn them into conversion boosters for its clients. It works with international clients. Due to its attractive retention tactics, SEO Brand has a retention rate of above 90%.


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