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Responsive design is no longer optional ... or why should I adapt my website to mobile

Google was already warning for a long time of the importance of having a web design optimized for mobile devices, in general tablets and smartphones, but for months now it is not only that it is important, but that it directly penalizes web pages that are not mobile-friendly, or adapted to mobile.  What does this Google penalty imply? Simply put, your website will not appear in the search engine results when the query is made from a mobile device.  Can you afford it? Definitely not . Believe me, you would be surprised to know the percentage of visits that access your website from a mobile phone (If you have Google Analytics installed, you can easily find out, or ask your web developer to give you the data).  Clients are often very surprised when I give them that information. And it is logical…. Don't you take advantage of any "dead" moment to look for information? To consult a blog? Search for a product? Don't you use the tablet more and more to navigate from th

Facebook advertising Australia

In this digital era, everyone wants to switch their business online like google search engine, social media. Everyone is aware of a way to use Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  but not all exactly know, how to use it for marketing purpose. Brandfly offers exceptional twitter, instagram, Facebook marketing in Australia. We offers excellent advertising services and advertising in order that our consumers can construct cognizance of their product and emblem. We additionally help our patron as a Facebook advertising company in Australia where we create nice advertisements so that it could have an effect on the targeted audience. Our organization as properly affords the consumer with the present-day generation and ideas so that you have the edge over your competition. Our main goal is to increase your business role and maximum engagement of your enterprise at the social platform. We do now not supply ideas and techniques without knowing your organization; our experts ensure that th