Responsive design is no longer optional ... or why should I adapt my website to mobile

Google was already warning for a long time of the importance of having a web design optimized for mobile devices, in general tablets and smartphones, but for months now it is not only that it is important, but that it directly penalizes web pages that are not mobile-friendly, or adapted to mobile. 

What does this Google penalty imply? Simply put, your website will not appear in the search engine results when the query is made from a mobile device. 

Can you afford it? Definitely not.

Believe me, you would be surprised to know the percentage of visits that access your website from a mobile phone (If you have Google Analyticsinstalled, you can easily find out, or ask your web developer to give you the data). 
Clients are often very surprised when I give them that information. And it is logical…. Don't you take advantage of any "dead" moment to look for information? To consult a blog? Search for a product? Don't you use the tablet more and more to navigate from the sofa?  

What does it mean to be mobile optimized?

In this other article, you can see how to know if your website is or is not optimized for mobile phones, but basically, it is about following some guidelines that Mr. Google marks to determine if the website is fully functional fast-loading, it can be read completely without to zoom, you can easily select the buttons, links, and menus, etc ... 

What if it is not optimized? Do I have to redo the web? 

No, it is not necessary, although if it is a few years old it would not be a bad idea, since web usability will probably not be the only problem you will encounter ... but if your website is relatively recent, you like it and it is functional, you don't need to change it. 

By modifying and adapting the styles and layout of the pages, any mobile website can be optimized. Of course, depending on the complexity of the web, how and when it was laid out and the type of design, the cost may be minimal or quite significant. 

If your website uses WordPress, a solution would be to modify the template used by a responsive one or adapted for different screen sizes (most of the current themes or templates are), the difficulty of the change will again depend on how it is currently programmed and layout, but in any case, you don't need to start from scratch by force. 

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