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Things to consider before hiring a search engine optimization company (SEO agency)

 Written by Marcus Sandström 24/01/20 Today, there are lots of search engine optimization companies (SEO companies), hundreds of SEO consultants and even more web design companies and media agencies that talk about search engine optimization. Among so many options, it can be nice to be educated about a few factors that can help you determine how experienced the company really is in SEO and what they could do to increase your traffic and profits from Google and other search engines. What are your goals? Does the SEO Agency understand them?  Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a successful search engine optimization should not only be to get high in the search results. A successful search engine optimization should generate more customer contacts and those customers come as a result of a high ranking on the search engines, a well-planned conversion optimization and a good analytical ability of the visitor behavior. Ask to have the process explained to you - how will these visitors be

Google Update May 2020

 On May 4, 2020, Google announced via a post on Twitter that they have released a new update of their algorithm. A Core Update from Google usually happens a few times a year and affects how the search engine calculates how different websites rank in different search results. Sometimes the updates to Google's algorithm are large and totally change what the search landscape looks like, while others may have a smaller impact. Regardless, it is important that you as a business owner or SEO expert stay up to date on these updates and monitor your data extra closely to understand how the update has / can affect you and your company. In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know about Google's May 2020 update. What has happened? The latest update from Google is called "May 2020 Core Update" and is a relatively large update. The timing of the update has been criticized as many companies, due to the current pandemic, are already living in the effects of an un

Video Search Engine Optimization - How to make your video appear on Google and Youtube

  Have you noticed that there are often Youtube videos and videos that are embedded on various websites even in the Google results? A searcher does not need to use Youtube (the world's second largest search engine) but can use Google (the world's largest search engine) to find your video. We already know that many clicks go to the first result, but what happens if a video comes in 3rd place? Do most people still click on the first result or do they prefer to click on the video? First some quick facts about Youtube: More than a billion unique users visit YouTube every month Over four billion hours of video are shown each month on YouTube Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube 70% of the traffic on YouTube does not come from the United States YouTube is available in 53 countries and has been translated into 61 languages In 2011, YouTube had more than a trillion views, or nearly 140 views for every human being on earth How to watch Youtube Think of your Youtube ch

Web Design Company Australia

    Web development companies in Australia ?  Here is a list of the top web design company Australia, from which you'll match your needs. Websites are virtual gates for your company and its products and services. it's the ability to go away your target audience with a positive impact that's definitely the results of more leads. this can be when nurtured by one among the most effective web development agencies in Australia, becoming a revenue-generating successful conversion for your business. Brandfly understands that it's important for you to decide on the best web design and development company which will make it possible. Just go through a listing curated from the rankings of the best web development companies in Australia below: Are you searching for top Australian app development companies? Here is that the list of top app developers in Australia (Android, and iOS) with reviews. Mobile app development is an industry in Australia that contributes heavily to the eco